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Ergonomic Workplace Assessment


"Ergonomics is the study of the interaction of the human being with his environment."
Ergonomic Assessment creates long term benefits for your company and your employees. Long Term Benefits of Ergonomics Workplace Assessment are:

A) For Your Company: B) For Your Employees:

Ergonomic Factors Integrate The Person Through:

GYM & MOVE Ergonomic Workplace Assessment offers:

Project Planning with Your Company

The planning and procedure of Ergonomic Workplace Assessment will be presented at our first meeting. The company's needs and expectations as well as the first overall evaluation of your office space will lead to an offer with different scenarios. For example, short and long term assessments.

"Basic Assessment"

"Basic Plus"

Includes Basic Assessment package plus:

"Ergo Fit"

Group or individual ergonomic training sessions, including exercise presentations and/or relaxation techniques.

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